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an approach that puts you before the math

In Retirement Planning

Traditional Retirement Planning is Too Rigid

Traditional retirement planning worked for your parents. But they had a shorter, less active retirement. With pensions and Social Security that carried most of the load.

  • Retirement planning’s “old guard” focused too much on:
  • Treating your fluid life as a simple math problem.
  • Creating complex financial plans (that are outdated as soon as they’re printed).
  • Depending on markets to determine whether or not your retirement will work out.
  • Generating fixed assumptions about market returns, interest rates and your retirement goals.

As a result, rigid, “old-guard” planning is slow to:

  • Identify and respond to changes in the markets that can wipe out retirement savings.
  • Adjust to the fluidity of your life, goals and financials.
  • Pinpoint risks to avoid or deter so you can rest easy.
  • Highlight opportunities to act on that will make your retirement even better.

Creating a Great Retirement is About Mastering Change Management

You won’t have the retirement your parents did. But that’s mostly a good thing. You’ll likely:
  • Live longer
  • Be more active
  • Spend more money
Sounds fun right? But here’s the downside, you’ll also:
  • Depend more on investments and markets
  • Deal with more change than ever before

How quickly you identify and respond to these changes could make the difference between thriving and struggling during retirement.

Agile Retirement Management

ARM Focuses on:

  1. Rapid problem solving
  2. Identifying risks and opportunities
  3. Making incremental changes

Agile Retirement Management sees you differently. You’re not a math problem. 

You’re a person with a bucket list, priorities and a fluid life. Agile Retirement Management matches your every stride. 

5 Key Principles of ARM

Predicting will prove you wrong. Rather than trying to foresee an unpredictable future, ARM accepts that the future is unknowable and refocuses you on what you and I can control.

Collaboration gets results. You know your life. I know how to guide people into and through retirement planning. You and I can work together to find solutions that make sense for you. That’s the recipe for a more meaningful retirement. When necessary, we bring in subject-matter experts to work through your most specific and difficult challenges.

Retirement requires flexibility. ARM helps identify necessary short-term changes in the most effective and responsive way we can. That allows you to adjust on the fly to life’s financial curveballs.

Prioritization means maximization. Your financial life is filled with intimidating, sometimes pressing decisions. Agile Retirement Management helps you take action on the most pressing issues while still keeping the total picture in focus. That means you can live in the moment more every day without worry you’re missing something.

Communication keeps you content. Little conversations between you and I all along the way are what will help keep you in the moment while still having confidence about the future. Even if your situations change.

How ARM Keeps You Agile

Over decades of working with clients like you who expect better retirement planning, we developed a Retirement Standard of Care to help make your retirement uniquely great.

How? While keeping watch for risks and opportunities that improve your retirement, this standard protects you in five critical financial management areas:

The Retirement of Standard of Care Helps You Cover All the Bases

The Rhythm of Ideal Retirement

Unlike traditional planning, you and I will create an initial roadmap to answer your most important questions. Then we can work through our proprietary Retirement Standard of Care by establishing a regular rhythm of meetings (Huddles).


During each Huddle we’ll update where you’re at, make adjustments, review the Standard of Care, prioritize what needs to be done and set up immediate action steps.




Who is a typical client?

Someone age 50+, who is focused on building a great life and with assets over $750,000.
Want your spouse to be part of the process.
Want to balance living well today and feeling confident about your future.
Value having an experienced guide to help you along the way.