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Retirement is different than any other stage of your life.

And that’s all we do – help people dream, plan, and live out a life focused on what they care about most. Our unique Agile Retirement Management process helps you gain control and clarity to create a retirement you’re excited about, because your life is more than a math problem.

Meet Roger Whitney

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I’m Roger Whitney, also known as The Retirement Answer Man. I’m here to help you widen the lens and look at all your options for retirement — and enjoy the journey along the way! Click the video to find out how I can help make your wealth work for you.

Fort Worth Certified Financial Planner


Does your Fort Worth certified financial advisor have a nifty nickname? Ok, so maybe a nickname isn’t all that important, but Roger Whitney is a trusted resource when it comes to planning for retirement. People around the country know him as The Retirement Answer Man thanks to his award-winning podcast.

The Retirement Answer Man is a nickname that Whitney earned thanks to his strong track record as a Fort Worth certified financial planner. With a laser focus on getting men and women ready for retirement, Whitney has developed a truly innovative approach to retirement planning.


A creative and innovative retirement advisor in Fort Worth TX

Do you think that, if you follow the same path to retirement as your parents, that you’re going to be living comfortably in your golden years? It’s safe to say that those old methods of planning for retirement simply aren’t going to sustain you in today’s world. Too much has changed — you need a certified financial advisor in Fort Worth TX that accounts for changes, such as:

  • Longer lifespans
  • Different economy
  • Added expenses
  • Differences in lifestyle (perhaps you want to still work while retired)
  • And more

While the typical certified financial planner in Fort Worth TX will provide you with detailed mathematical equations that spell out exactly how much you need to save, and for how long, Roger Whitney and his staff have thrown out that old playbook. Instead, he is known as the certified financial planner in Fort Worth TX that developed what is known as the Agile Retirement Management process.


As your Fort Worth retirement advisor, Roger is dedicated to your retirement success

A retirement plan is not something you can set in place, and just walk away from. Does your life remain unchanged as you get older? Do you stay in the same career? Does your health, family structure and other profound factors in your life stay the same? Absolutely not — you need a Fort Worth certified financial advisor that can build a plan that is nimble.

With Agile Retirement Management, Roger Whitney and his team will create a retirement plan that stresses:

  • Rapid problem solving
  • Constant opportunity and risk identification
  • Making incremental changes as you move along in your life journey

The end result is a retirement plan that is specifically targeted to help you live the life you want when you retire.


Make Roger Whitney your Fort Worth certified financial planner

You can consult with Roger and his staff, or you can start learning more about retirement planning from his award-winning podcast (The Retirement Answer Man Show), blog and even his recently released book.

Start rocking retirement — make sure you have the right Fort Worth certified financial advisor in your corner.

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