Three 5-minute videos to help you create a retirement plan that’s agile enough to respond to your life and empowers you to make better decisions about your money.

In this 3-part video series,

you'll learn

Why the current retirement planning process is broken beyond repair – and how it is unintentionally stealing your security.

How Agile Retirement Management can help you lose the math and build a flexible plan by talking more about you, and less about the markets.

How short “huddles” or little conversations about your life and money can keep you on track through a successful retirement.

Are you asking yourself

These questions?

Is my retirement really just a financial number?

How can I feel confident about retirement in an uncertain world?

Why does my advisor only focus on investing?

How do I keep my current lifestyle without running out of money later?

What should I be doing now to make retirement possible?

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The 5 Minute Retirement Makeover is taught by Roger Whitney, CFP®, also known as The Retirement Answer Man. He has worked in retirement planning for over 20 years helping hundreds of people clarify their path toward a fiscally secure retirement. Roger also hosts The Retirement Answer Man Podcast, which has been downloaded over 600,000 times and is ranked #1 on iTunes in retirement planning. You can learn more about Roger here.

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