My Money Style Profile


Want to Make Better Decisions About Money and Retirement?

Your Money Style Profile using the DISC personality assessment to identify your core personality style and give you an action plan to improve your decision making

Your Money Style Profile will identify your:

  • Greatest fear.
  • What you're motivated by.
  • The environments you work best in.
  • How you analyze information.
  • How you tend to make decisions.

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Want Better Conversations with Loved Ones About Money?

Better communication about money and retirement goals is one key to a happy marriage. Learn each other's Money Style and you'll have the tool's to have deeper talks about life, money and retirement.


  • Their communication style
  • Their strengths.
  • Their challenges.
  • Their fears.
  • The dos and do nots to talk more effectively.
  • How to blend your Money Styles.

Product Description

Your Money Style Profile

You’ll receive a video and  personalized 21 page report complete with:

  • Your public, private and perceived self graphs to help you identify areas of conflict.
  • Detailed explanation of your personality style.
  • Historical figures who you share your personality style with.
  • Tips on how others can communicate more effectively with you.
  • Tips for how you can communicate more effectively with others
  • An assessment of your strengths in leadership.
  • A detailed action plan to help you work within your strengths and improve.