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Retirement Check Up


  • Will You Run Out of Money During Retirement?

  • Can You Maintain the Lifestyle You Want During Retirement?

  • How Much Investment Risk Do You Need to Take?

Learn the answer to these and other critical retirement planning questions with a Retirement Check Up with Roger Whitney, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, AID®

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Product Description

Retirement Check Up Report 

You’ll receive a customized 46 page report complete with:

  • Financial goals summary including healthcare cost projections
  • Financial resource summary.
  • Summary of income sources.
  • Social Security maximization analysis.
  • Percentage confidence level of reaching your lifestyle goals.
  • A What If analysis showing affects of a bear market early in retirement.
  • A investment an risk tolerance report to determine target allocation
  • Comparison of current and target asset allocation.
  • Customized cash flow bucket system with year by year breakdown.

Plus: 1 Hour meeting with Roger to review your report and set action items to improve your plan.